Tvasta’s Concrete 3D Printer

India’s FIRST Concrete 3D Printer is an avant-garde system capable of generating myriads of architectural and constructional requirements. We have been recognized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) as a part of the Make In India plan, along with being a part of the CIIE ShelterTech accelerator by IIM Ahmedabad; where alongside Habitat for Humanity, we are making headway in the construction of affordable housing and sanitation facilities.

Enables printing of cheaper material
Prints aggregates of varying sizes
Centralized and Automated Control
Proprietary software
Extensive training session

Tvasta’s Digital Construction Modeling Platform

An evolved software platform to aid the performance of Concrete/Construction 3D Printer – one of the key pillars of our c3Dp Technology. The Digital Construction Modeling Software is a proprietary tool developed to serve as a reliable connection between the technological elements of the Civil Engineering Industry and the field of construction 3D printing.

User Friendly
Highly Efficient

Advance Proprietary Raw Material Formulation

The quality of Raw Material is a crucial factor for enabling commendable printing and our raw material mix is a unique innovation in Tvasta’s portfolio. It is capable of enabling rapid print of aesthetically delightful, structurally sound and cost-effective construction.

Compatible for various applications
Continuously developed
Rigorously tested


Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) works on the idea of correlating design with functional efficiency. Tvasta’s DfAM approach helps reiterate your designs for optimized fabrication using construction 3D printing. Our efficient team is committed towards augmenting the modular design efficiency leading to finer DFAM pay-offs.

Optimized structure
Application specific design
Uncompromised aesthetic appeal
Reduce material usage

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