India's First 3D Printed House

Concrete 3D printing for building ideal homes

We push the boundaries of Construction with our 3D printing expertise to offer customized industrial solutions to our clients

The Signature 3D Printed Home

Ally with us to create yourself an exquisite home of your dreams by means of our advanced Concrete 3D Printing technology. We make your visions viable...



Our diverse case studies revolve around advanced reinforcements, optimized material mixes and customized Concrete printers. We add value to your Engineering ideas…


Free Form Infrastructure

We strive to provide infrastructural services with 3d printing by providing basic utilities for the public, with enhanced environmental sustainability. We build for you…


Explore Our Technology

Concrete Printer

India’s FIRST Construction 3D Printer - a robust, versatile and efficient system.

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3D Build Material

Indigenously developed 3D printable concrete mixture.

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Digital Modelling Platform

Proprietary construction modelling platform for our Concrete 3D printer.

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Our experienced design team  optimizes your ideas and render them build-ready.

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The Story of India’s First 3D Printed House

“From the land of people that need houses and yet, deserve homes” In India, being able to afford a home…

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Tvasta’s Brand Journey

Known for its minimal adoption of technology and innovation, today’s Construction Industry in India faces numerous challenges. Population surge, rapid…

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Tvasta’s National Workshop on Construction 3D Printing

“With optimum utilization of resources & minimal use of water,3D Printing technology is environment-friendly & sustainable with no wastage. IIT…

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