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The following accessories are recommended for harnessing the complete potential of our printers
Each of our printers requires different sets of accessories, according to its capability. Our team will assist you in selecting the best subsystem for your use.

Aggregate Pumps

  • Pumps for supplying concrete mix to the extrusion system
  • Variants available based on aggregate size usage

Pan Mixer

  • Mixing system for batch-wise production
  • Recommended for high-quality material finish

Pallets (in sets of 2)

  • Movable bases for printing in a microfactory
  • Available for both gantry and robotic arm based printers

Batching Plant

  • Automated mixing system for continuous printing
  • Best suited for onsite production

3D printing materials and additives

  • Proprietary Tvasta materials
  • Easy to use dry mix

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